Tohoku Journal of Natural Disaster Science Volume 60

March,2024 Japanese Page

Earthquake damage to sake breweries in the Tohoku region - Summary of damage reports from the Journal of the Society of Brewing, Japan.:Hiroshi Kagami and Toshihiko Mizuta1-6
A Study of earthquake damage in Yuri district caused by the 1914 Akita Semboku Earthquake-Earthquake records found in local magazine“Ouchi”-:Toshihiko Mizuta and Hiroshi Kagami7-12
Ground motion response characteristics during earthquakes at Dobutsu station in Hashikami-cho town,Aomori prefecture:Shunichi Kataoka13-17
Characterization of earthquakes on the eastern margin of the Sea of Japan based on spectral shapes of seismic waves with correction for earthquake magnitude:Aiki Katayama19-24
Vibration distribution of long-period seismic motions in the Tsugaru Plain during the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake:Tomohiro Odajima25-29
An attempt to predict seismic intensity by the blind active fault beneath the southern Sendai plain:Tomomi Okada and Shinsuke Okada31-35
Tsunami evacuation analysis in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture assuming a Japan Trench earthquake:Shin-ya HORIAI,Soichi OZAKI,Shinsuke TAKASE,Kazuya NOJIMA and Yasushi TAKEYAMA37-42
Tsunami run-up simulation in Hachinohe city assuming a Japan Trench earthquake:Soichi Ozaki, Kazuya Nojima, Shinya Horiai, Shinsuke Takase43-46
Experimental study on Tsunami loads on Structures in Case of Multiple Surrounding Objects:Shiori Tanekura,Haruya Ueda,Hayato Shindo,Naofumi Teramoto,Wei Ding and Akihiko Obata47-51
Free surface flow analysis considering wave-dissipating blocks:Haruka Furusato, Kazuya Nojima, Soichi Ozaki, Shinsuke Takase53-56
Hydraulic model tests on run-up waves acting on sea cliff:Kanta Endo57-60
Assessing Da Nang coastline dynamics using the UAV data:Nguyen Van Luc,Hitoshi Tanaka, Nguyen Trung Viet and Nguyen Danh Thao61-66
On inundation in the central district of Akita city caused by the Akita torrential rainfall in July, 2023:Hideo MATSUTOMI,Takanobu KAMATAKI and Fumiko KONNO67-70
Damage caused by the Flood generated to Heavy Rain at Akita Region in 2023:Kazuya WATANABE71-76
Damage caused by the Flood generated to Heavy Rain at Akita in July 2023: Kaishi Akiba,Yoshitaka Jiken,Noritoshi Saito and Kazuya Watanabe77-82
Characteristics of the riverbed fluctuation of the Babamegawa River during the 2023 heavy rains in Akita Prefecture:Yoshitaka JIKEN, Noritoshi SAITO and Kazuya WATANABE83-88
Characteristics of the August 2022 torrential rain disaster in Aomori Prefecture:Mikio Sasaki, Takahiro Takeuchi, Shinsuke Takase and Yuta Mitobe89-94
Influence of river channel characteristics on river levee breaches:Toshiya Orikasa, Makoto Umeda
Distribution of evacuation-related facilities in expected flooding areas:Naoki Hashimoto, Makoto Umeda
The impact of vegetation and driftwood with flexibility on flood flows:Kaiho SAKAIRI,YoshitakaJIKEN, Noritoshi SAITO and Kazuya WATANABE107-112
An approximate method for easily estimating the wind-induced responses of a mechanically-attached singleply membrane roofing system:Yasushi Uematsu113-118
Discussion of peak wind force coefficients for designing cladding/components of a vaulted free roof:Wei Ding, Yasushi Uematsu119-124
Damage Assumptions of Public Buildings Used as Evacuation Center for Disaster : Contents of Periodic Reports Based on Building Standards Act:Junichi Wakasa, Kunihiro Fukutome125-130
An analysis of understanding of users for flood disaster risk information:Motoyuki Ushiyama, Fumiya Sato and Yasunori Hada131-136
A survey of the actual conditions of the concrete block walls in Iijima area of Akita City:Naofumi Teramoto, Shu Yasui and Minori Kato137-140
Trial of local disaster prevention measures for foreign residents working towards multicultural inclusivity -A case study on flood risk perception of the Kitakami river in the Esashi district of Oshu city, Iwate prefecture,northeast Japan.:Tadaki MIZUMOTO, Yoshiko KENNEDY and Chiharu WATANABE.