Tohoku Journal of Natural Disaster Science Volume 47


March,2011  Japanese Page

Low frequency earthquakes among the aftershocks of Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake in 2008 : Masahiro KOSUGA and the Group for the aftershock observations of the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake in 20081-6
Estimation of average S-wave velocities at Morioka City by using surface wave microtremor array survey -Relation between the average S-wave velocities and seismic intensities by questinnary survey- : Hiroyuki OKADA, Hidekazu YAMAMOTO and Tsuyoshi SANO7-12
Site amplification characteristics at the strong motion observation sites in Iwate Prefecture : Shunya SATO, Hidekazu YAMAMOTO and Tsuyoshi SANO13-18
Study of the wooden houses damage related to ground motion characteristics due to the 1896 Rikuu and the 1914 Akita Senboku earthquakes -Comparison between collapses rate of houses and predominant period of H/V spectral ratio of microtremors- : Toshihiko MIZUTA, Mami FUJII and Hiroshi KAGAMI19-24
The effect of non-linear seismic response of fi ll land to damage of buildings : Kazuya MITSUJI, Kazuto MATSUKAWA and Masaki MAEDA25-30
The development of the landslide at Oami region : Akira KUMAGAI and Katsurou MAEKAWA31-36
Study of Earthquake Resistant Index of Wooden Houses by old and new Examination Standards : Takayuki MIZUNO, Masayuki HANDOU, Fujio KASAMATSU and Tomomi FUJITA37-40
Development of Real-Time Disaster Information Collection System Using Terminal Built-in Sensors : Tohru OKAMOTO, Akihiro SHIBAYAMA and Susumu OHNO41-46
An interview to the residents and administration person concerning with slope failure dangerous housing relocation support promotion support system in Iwate Prefecture : Michiya IRASAWA and Nagisa MEGURO47-52
Tornado disaster in Noshiro City on October 30, 2009 : Yasushi UEMATSU and Akihiro TAKAHASHI53-58
Secure road network system against earthquake taking road surface conditions into consideration in snowy areas : Munetaka ISHIDE and Masafumi HORII59-62
Study on human evacuation considering an injured person in a high-rise building for earthquake disaster Hiroki ITO, Akihiro SHIBAYAMA and Susumu OHNO63-68
Field test on the lodging, uprooting and breaking of coastal trees - Examples of casuarina in Indonesia - : Hideo MATSUTOMI, Kenji HARADA and Aloysius Bagyo WIDAGDO69-76
The 2010 Mentawai Earthquake tsunami and mode of coastal tree failure : Hideo MATSUTOMI, Kenji HARADA and Subandono DIPOSAPTONO77-82
Aspects of the 2010 Chile Earthquake Tsunami : Hideo MATSUTOMI, Kenji HARADA, Toshinori OGASAWARA and Shunichi KATAOKA83-88
Study on tsunami propagation into rivers : Min ROH, Xuan Tinh NGUYEN and Hitoshi TANAKA89-94
Experiments on inundation flow with floating objects under the condition of a movable bed : Takashi SOMA, Miki AZUMA and Hideo MATSUTOMI95-100
Stability of detached breakwater against tsunami : Minoru HANZAWA, Akira MATSUMOTO and Hitoshi TANAKA101-106
Sediment deposit in Lake Tuni, Bolivia : Hitoshi TANAKA and Ramiro PILLCO107-112
Precipitation and runoff characteristics around the Lake Tuni in Bolivia : Yasuyuki ISHIGAKI, Yoshihiro ASAOKA, Keiko UDO and Akira MANO113-118
Observations of water quality in Tuni Lake basin : Makoto UMEDA and Marcelo GORRITTY119-122
Study on the factors affecting the increase of 2-MIB concentration in Kamafusa Reservoir : Atsushi SUZUKI, Makoto UMEDA and Masahiko MATSUKAWA123-128
Water quality modeling in Miharu Reservoir : Duong Hai THUAN and Makoto UMEDA129-134
Study on resuspension of sediment in Lake Izunuma caused by wind induced current : Yusuke BETTO and Makoto UMEDA135-140
Numerical simulation of water temperature distribution in the dam with different hydrological conditions : Yuta OCHIAI and Makoto UMEDA141-146
On the system of strong rain : Akira WATANABE147-152
Hourly hydrograph separation for the Abukuma river based on numerical filter technique and water quality data : Tomohiro HAGA and Yoshiyuki YOKOO153-158
Investigating physical and chemical profiles of snow cover and temporal variation of snowmelt water chemistry for understanding snowmelt processes : Masaya ANDO and Yoshiyuki YOKOO159-164
Effects of geographic characteristics of watersheds on the flow regimes in Japanese mountainous areas : Ryo KIMURA, Yuri ESAKA and Yoshiyuki YOKOO165-170
Development of Inland flood potential map due to extreme rainfall in Fukushima prefecture : Seiki KAWAGOE, Toshinaga OHTA and Yuta SATO171-176
Field observations used to river topographical survey at Kotogawa river : Kazushi NOMURA, Kento KIMURA, Akira TOKUDA and Kazuya WATANABE165-170
Experimental study on deposition and scoring around weir equipped with sluiceway : Hajime MIWA183-188
Development of high accuracy calculation of 2D flow by finite volume method : Arata HIGASHIDA, Keiko UDO and Akira MANO189-194
Defensive effects of a breakwater combining submerged breakwater and horizontal plate : Kairi MORISZAWA and Yoshihiro TSURUMOTO195-200
Prediction of Shoreline Retreat during Sea Level Rise in Japan : Taichi SUGAWA, Keiko UDO, and Akira MANO201-206
Sand spit decline at the Sagami River mouth : Yinghao LI, Eko PRADJOKO and Hitoshi TANAKA207-212
Toward improving prediction of sediment transport over wave-induced ripples : Rafic ABSI and Hitoshi TANAKA213-218
Study on aquatic environment of Lake Jusan in investigating LCA : Mikio SASAKI, Hitoshi TANAKA and Makoto UMEDA219-224
Investigation of floc transport from Nagase river mouth : Kazuki AOYANAGI, Hitoshi TANAKA, Makoto UMEDA, Yutaka FUJITA and Susumu KANAYAMA225-230