Tohoku Journal of Natural Disaster Science Volume 49

March,2013  Japanese Page

A gale structure of the typhoon201217 that we observed with L-band radar : Akira WATANABE1-4
Experience information on 1932-explosion of Akita-Komagatake Volcano : Choro KITSUNEZAKI5-10
Spatiotemporal variation of seismicity near the Moriyoshi-zan volcano in the Akita Prefecture : Masahiro KOSUGA, Kazuma MASUKAWA, Masaaki CHIBA and Kazutoshi WATANABE11-16
Water level and temperature change of hot springs and induced earthquakes by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake : Takayuki KAWABRE and Kenji NAKANO17-22
Long-team seismic activity prior to the 2011 Mw9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake : Tamao SATO, Shinya HIRATSUKA and Jim MORI23-28
A high density questionnaire seismic intercity survery in Oshu City of Iwate Prefecture,for the aftershock of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake : Kidekazu YAMAMOTO, Tsuyoshi SAITO,Ryohei SAITO and Yoko UBE29-34
An ultra high density questionnaire seismic intensity survey in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake and the aftershock : Hidekazu YAMAMOTO, Tsuyoshi SAITO, Masafumi OKAWARA,Yoko UBE,Ryohei SAITO, kinya ICHINOHE, and Koru KIKUCHI35-40
Microtremor observaitions in Ichinoseki City ,Iwate Prefecture : Hidekazu YAMAMOTO, Tsuyoshi SAITO, Yoko ODA, and Tomohiro FUJINE41-46
Estimation of shallow velocity structure in central Maesawa, Oshu City,Iwate prefecture by small size array observation of micro tremors : Megumi TAKAKURA, Hidekazu YAMAMOTO and Tsuyoshi SAITO47-52
Comparison of seismic intensity by questionnaire survey for Koriyama and Sukagawa due to the 2011 : Susumu NAKAMURA, Yuto HORI and Yuuta ATSUGASE53-56
Evaluation of relative displacement for seismic safety evaluation of water Facility : Yoshiaki ARIGA, Takashi ISHIKAWA and Norikazu TARUI57-62
Difference of ground motion characteristics and nonlinear responcse od buillding structures based on the observed earthquake data during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake : Ryota TAZUKE, Takashi ISHIKAWA and Noriazu TARUI63-68
Natural Frequency change of low rise building in Sendai by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake : Eita MITSUYA, Susumu OHNO and Masato MOTOSAKA69-74
Study on validity and problem of seismic diagnosis based on the survey about damage to school buildings by off-the-Pacific of Tohoku earthquake : Athushi SUZUKI, Tomoyuki HATANAKA, Tomomi FUJITA, Naoki FUNAKI, Masayuki HANDOU and Reiji TANAKA75-80
Survey and microtremor measurement of damaged steel gymnasium due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake : Tomoyuki HATANAKA, Naoki FUNAKI, Tomomi FIUJITA, Reiji TANAKA and Akenori SHIBATA81-84
Wind resistant design of ●●ikuzenntakata●● Pine Tree of Hope●● : Yasushi UEMATSU, Nam-Seok KIM and Yumi IIDA85-90
Infuence over water quality due to nutrient loading in the Royal Range of the Andes : Evelin HUMEREZ and Makoto UMEDA91-96
Case study: Wind impact on shoreline change in front of a river mouth in lakes : Gabriela Sossa LEDEZMA and Hitoshi TANAKA97-102
Spatial distribution of sediment composition in Lake Izunuma : Shinya NAKADA, Makoto UMEDA and Tetsuro SHAIMADA103-108
Observation of algae biomass in shallow water of the upstream portion of Kamasusa Dam : Hiroto SATO, Makoto UMEDA and Fuminori KIMURA109-114
Effects of mudflow from the LUSI mud volcano on Porong River,Indonesia : Shuichi KURE, Yuriko TAKRDA, Keiko UDO, Makoto UMEDA, Akira MANO and Hitoshi TANAKA115-120
Assessment of the relationship between the concentration of phosphorus flowing into reservoirs and land use in Japan : Ryo KUWAHARA and Makoto UMEDA121-126
Evaluation of relationship betwaeen water disaster and climate change in Asia monsoon area : Tsukasa YOSHIDA, Yuri ESAKA and Seiki KAWAGOE127-132
Evaluation of relationship between snow codition and water area in Fukushima Prefecture : Mitsuhiro NAMAMURA, Yuya SATO and Seiki KAWAGOE133-138
Characteristic of exchange of salt and fresh water in Iwaki River mouth : Mikio SASAKI, Hitoshi TANAKA and Makoto UMEDA139-144
Investigating Variavility and regionality of Japanese rainfall-runoff processes : Hikaru NISHIYAMA and Yoshiyuki YOKOO145-150
Introduction Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF)curve as an alternative of current Japanese flood frequency analysis : Shoma RYUZAKI and Yoshiyuki YOKOO151-156
Exploring scaling characteristics of watershed topography for rainfall-rrunoff modeling : Yuki KIMURA, Rie KANNO and Yoshiyuki YOKOO157-162
Estimating watershed-scale strage by hydrograph separation-runoff relationship : Satoshi OKAZAKI, Shuhei KOBAYASHI and Yoshiyuki YOKOO163-168
Hydraulic expriment about flushing of sand deposition on diversinon dams : Kunihiko HAMAGAMI and Hajime MIWA169-174
Relationship between wind characteristic and sand flux over dunes : Kwishi OKAMURA, Keiko UDO, Shota MITSUSHIO and Akira MANO175-180
A prediction of turblence property in steep slope flow with vegetation by ●● model : Yoshinari HIRATA, Akira MANO, Keiko UDO and Shuichi KURE181-186
Estimation of tsunami arrival time on the north-eastern coast of Japan : Min ROH, Mohammad Bagus ADITYAWAN and Hitoshi TANAKA187-192
Numerical model study on the effect of the canal in reducing tsunami energy : Nguyen Xuan DAO, Mohammad Bagus ADITYAWAN and Hitoshi TANAKA193-198
Characteristics of black pine tree based on field tests in the inundation area of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake tsunami : Hideo MATSUTOMI,Takeshi HOSHI and Genki KETTOKU199-204
Wxperiments on tsunami fluid force acting on a RC buillding : Hideo MATSUTOMI, Masahiro SAITO and Genki KETTOKU205-212
Breaching of sandy coast due to the 2011 tsunami : HITOSHI TANAKA, Akira MANO and Keiko UDO213-218
Analysis of the effect of external force to the revetment due to the Tohoku-Pacific ocean earthquake and tsunami : Tsuyoshi NAGASAWA and Hitoshi TANAKA219-224
Questionnaire survey on tsunami and earthquake of self-governing bodies of the coastal cities and towns along Akita Prefecture : Mitsuo NOGOSHI and Koji SATO225-230
Study on countermeasures against distant tsunami for disaster prevention plan : Yoshi ABE, Suppasri ANAWAT, Yo FUKUTANI and Fumihiko IMAMURA231-234
The local residents awareness investigation in the hearvy rain disaster of the October, 1999Kindaichi,Ninohe-City area : Michiya IRASAWA and Ayumi TAKAHASHI235-240
Approaches for educational material due to learning the histrical earthquake in Akita - Part 2 A case study of the 1914 Akita Senboku earthquake - : Toshihiko MIZUTA241-246
School supporting project for disaster in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata aprefecture : Yoshiyuki MURAYAMA, Keiichiro OGATA and Koichi YAMAGUCHI247-250
Promotion on indoor contermeasure ageinst earthequakes at School of Engineering,Tohoku University : Makoto HOMMA, Fumio FUJITA and Masato MOTOSAKA251-256